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August 2006 marked the completion of Cellar Rat, the first and only merchant of fine wines to serve the revived Crossroads and Downtown districts of Kansas City. This urban location in the Crossroads Art district provides a new haven for culture aficionados on the search for great wine. Cellar Rat’s first priority is quality wine at a value, but there’s much more than the over 800 bottles of fine wine in this cellar.

The raw 5000 square foot space consisted of aluminum, brick, wood barrel ceilings, and aluminum framed windows. To allow an old cellar feel, dEN used reclaimed lumber for the counter bar. Curved lines, wood slats and metal straps all gave references to cellar wine barrels. From the bar your eyes move up to see a beautiful rustic pergola suspended from the ceiling—using the same aged lumber. A polished concrete floors and oxidized metals provided an urban environment to compliment its location. A unique wall was created to store over 300 bottles of collectors wine.
To better service Cellar Rat’s customers, dEN chose to use mobile displays to house the remaining 500 premium bottles. Position of these vintage racks can easily be changed, allowing the space to be flexible enough to host special events, private parties, or fundraisers. Recognizing that wine lovers learn their appreciation of the grape through experience, dEN introduced a dedicated room for public and private wine tastings.

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